PRE-ORDER * Lockdown Mood

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PRE-ORDER * Lockdown Mood

Pre-order your personalised embroidery of my "Lockdown Mood" piece.
After the purchase, I will get in touch with you to choose the style of hair and the colour of the wine. Allow 2-5 weeks to receive.

The embroidery comes with its hoop and has a string on the back to hang it on a wall.

Diameter: 16,5 cm / 6,5 inches

About this drawing:
It all started from here. A bit less than a year ago, on the 13th March, I was about to join my boyfriend Hugo and his daughters in Norway. On the 12th, Norway closed its borders. I’ve made a drawing of this woman drowning her sorrows in wine without knowing that I wouldn’t see him for more than three months (and drank a few bottles of wine in between).
In January 2021, when I started to make my own embroidery patterns, it was obvious that I had to give this drawing a second life, as it sums up pretty well the past year for most of us…

. . .

Pré-commandez votre broderie personnalisée de ma pièce "Lockdown Mood".
Après achat, je prendrai contact avec vous pour définir ensemble quel style de cheveux et quelle couleur de vin vous souhaitez. Comptez entre 2 et 5 semaines pour la recevoir chez vous.

La broderie est livrée avec son cerceau lui servant de cadre, ainsi qu'une ficelle dans le dos pour l'accrocher au mur.

Diamètre : 16,5 cm / 6,5 inches

PRE-ORDER * Lockdown Mood